Buy Amoxicillin gsk in Singapore


To quickly get rid of infectious diseases, you need to use a reliable and effective antibiotic, such as Amoxicillin. Singapore is one of the world leaders in the production, sales and use of this drug in antibacterial therapy.

Amoxicillin is a penicillin semi-synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotic. The therapeutic effect of the drug involves the inhibition of the cell membrane synthesis at the stage of fission and growth of bacteria. This action of antibiotic causes lysis – bacterial decay and the death of microorganisms-pathogens of infections.

The spectrum of Amoxicillin antimicrobial activity is extremely wide. The medicine can be used in antibiotic therapy for the infections of:

  • oral cavity
  • bones and joints
  • pelvic organs
  • skin and soft tissues
  • urinary tract
  • upper and lower respiratory tract

Amoxicillin is well tolerated by patients of different age groups. The resulting side effects do not cause harm to health and do not require the cessation of antibacterial therapy.

Compared to other semisynthetic penicillin antibiotics, Amoxicillin has a higher:

  • bioavailability after oral administration;
  • concentration in blood plasma and other body fluids;
  • antibacterial activity in the eradication of Helicobacter pylori and Streptococcus pneumoniae (bacterium-infectious agents of gastrointestinal and respiratory tract infections).

After oral administration, Amoxicillin is absorbed well and quickly. Meals do not affect the degree of the antibiotic absorption. The maximum concentration in the blood plasma is reached in 1-3 hours after the ingestion. The half-life of the drug is 1 to 1.5 hours.

Patients can buy Amoxicillin in Singapore after the attending physician has assigned him one of three dosage forms:

  • capsules of 250 mg and 500 mg
  • tablets of 375 mg, 625 mg and 1000 mg
  • oral suspension of 156.25 mg/5 ml, 250 mg/5 ml, 312.5 mg/5 ml and 457 mg/5ml

You can get the medicine in a regular pharmacy only with a medical prescription from your doctor. To avoid wasting time on a medical examination, patients can buy Amoxicillin online without a prescription.

The dosage of Amoxicillin for antibacterial therapy is:

  • Children under 12 years: 25-50 mg per kilogram of weight daily, divided into several intakes;
  • Children over 12 years and adults: 0.75-3 g per day, divided into several intakes.

Repeated dose should be taken no earlier than 6-8 hours after the previous Amoxicillin intake. The Singapore Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Network (SCRN) recommends continuing the antibiotic therapy within 2-3 days after the disappearance of the main symptoms of infectious diseases.

Amoxicillin is the drug of choice for children, who have never taken antibiotics before. The drug exerts a bactericidal action against many pathogens and reduces the risk of the infection recurrence.

Amoxicillin may sometimes turn ineffective in treating infectious diseases. Some microorganisms-pathogens are capable of developing immunity to the antibiotic action. Combined drugs that contain the antibiotic Amoxicillin and the beta-lactamase inhibitor Clavulanate are used to improve the quality of the antibiotic therapy.

Beta-lactamases are cellular enzymes that neutralize the action of an antibiotic. Adding Clavulanate to antibacterial drugs with Amoxicillin reduces the risk of antibiotic resistance and increases the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy.

Combined drugs for the treatment of infectious diseases can be found on sale in many pharmacy chains in Singapore. Amoxicillin and Clavulanate are the active substances in such drugs, as Augmentin, Fugentin, Koact and Curam.

Combined drugs with Amoxicillin and Clavulanate contribute to:

  • increase in the spectrum of the therapeutic activity of the drug;
  • increase in the efficacy of antibiotic therapy;
  • increase in patients’ compliance to the therapy of infectious diseases.

One of the factors that limit the access to an effective antibacterial therapy is the high cost of Amoxicillin-based drugs. Fortunately, online pharmacies provide an opportunity to buy cheap Amoxicillin and, thereby, significantly reduce the cost of the antibiotic therapy.

Amoxicillin antibiotic was synthesized in the British pharmaceutical company Beecham (later became part of GSK). The first antibacterial therapy with Amoxicillin was carried out in 1972.

The production and sales of Amoxicillin in Singapore began in 1973. As of today, the drug is one of the most popular drugs, used for antibiotic therapy in countries of Southeast Asia.

A few years ago, the pharmaceutical company GSK announced that its subsidiary in Singapore – Quality Road – will receive about $ 80 million for the construction of another antibiotic production factory. Additional investment in the production of drugs will increase the turnover of Amoxicillin in Singapore by one and a half times.

To obtain profit from the sales of Amoxicillin, many pharmaceutical companies register their own brands of the antibiotic. Currently, you can find in Singapore pharmacies such trademarks of Amoxicillin, as Promox, Alvoclav, Strimox, Amocla, Anbicyn, Fleming, Moxilen, Augmex and Moxiclav, Ospamox and Apo-Amoxi.

Singapore suppliers of Amoxicillin are such pharmaceutical companies, as Drug Houses of Australia, Ziwell, Medochemie, Pharmaforte, MD Pharmaceuticals, Pharmazen, HC Healthcare, Strides Pharma and others.

Despite the fact that Amoxicillin has been approved in Singapore more than 35 years ago, the antibiotic has not lost its importance as one of the most effective antibacterial drugs.