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Mitigating the symptoms of gastroenterological disorders requires the use of a reliable and effective drug from the prokinetic group, such as Domperidone. Singapore is one of many countries in the world, in which the drug is being sold and used to restore normal gastric motility.

Domperidone is a dopamine receptor antagonist, which plays an important role in the regulation of the gastrointestinal tract. The drug neutralizes the inhibitory effect of dopamine on motor function, which leads to an increase in evacuation activity of the stomach.

While other prokinetics, such as Metoclopramide, possess both central and peripheral effects, Domperidone affects mainly the dopamine receptors, located in the wall of the stomach and duodenum. The advantage of Domperidone over other prokinetics is that it does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier, therefore, does not cause central side effects.

To restore the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, patients can use one of three Domperidone dosage forms:

  • tablets of 10 mg
  • oral suspension of 1 mg/ml
  • rectal suppositories of 10mg

According to the guidelines for issue of medicines in pharmacies of Singapore, Domperidone can be obtained only after the presentation of a medical prescription from a gastroenterologist. Those, who do not have time to undergo a medical examination, can buy Domperidone online without a prescription.

The medicine should be taken daily at the same time. Meals can slow down the absorption rate of oral dosage forms of Domperidone. Therefore, the tablet or suspension should be taken on an empty stomach. To eliminate nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal disorders, the dosage of Domperidone is:

  • children under 12 years of age: 0.25 mg per kilogram of weight, 3-4 times a day
  • children over 12 years of age and adults: 10 mg, 3-4 times a day

To reduce the risk of cardiovascular side effects, Domperidone should be taken at the lowest effective dose during the shortest possible period, necessary to alleviate the symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders.

Since pregnancy is often accompanied by symptoms of toxicosis, expectant mothers require effective antiemetic therapy. But the safety of Domperidone use during pregnancy has not received enough clinical confirmation.

Given the characteristics of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of Domperidone (rapid absorption, short half-life), it is possible to use the drug in long-term therapy of gastrointestinal disorders. According to the recommendations of the Gastroenterological Society of Singapore (GESS), Domperidone should be taken no longer than 6 months.

To increase the effectiveness of therapy for gastrointestinal disorders, it is desirable for the patient to follow several recommendations during the use of Domperidone:

  • give up smoking;
  • maintain a normal body weight;
  • refrain from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol;
  • exclude excessive physical activity that increases intra-abdominal pressure;
  • follow the diet plan (complete/partial exclusion of fatty and high-calorie foods, carbonated and caffeinated drinks).

For today, there are no disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, which would not be accompanied by a violation of the motor-evacuation function of the esophagus, stomach, small or large intestine. Therefore, Domperidone, which improves the motor function of the digestive system, is still an important drug for the treatment of gastroenterological diseases.

Initially, Domperidone was not intended for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. The drug, developed in 1974, was intended to be used as an antipsychotic. However, a positive effect of Domperidone on the symptoms of gastroenterological disorders was revealed in the course of clinical studies.

In the practice of treating gastrointestinal disorders, not only oral and rectal Domperidone was used. For several years, intravenous Domperidone injections have been used to alleviate the symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders. But the injection prokinetic forms were withdrawn from the market in 1985 due to the development of serious adverse reactions from the cardiovascular system.

Since its introduction in the pharmaceutical market, Domperidone has gradually begun to be used in the gastroenterological practice of many countries around the world. The pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson obtained a marketing authorization for the sale of Domperidone in Singapore on March 14, 1989.

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All medications, based on Domperidone, belong to the class of Prescription Only Medicines (POM). That is, to use the prokinetic, patients need a prescription from the attending physician. Sometimes, however, you need to urgently use the prokinetic, so it’s best that the medicine is always at hand. To buy Domperidone without a prescription, you can use one of the online pharmacies, which, unlike the usual ones, work and deliver around the clock.

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