Purchase Levitra Singapore


If the male reproductive organ does not respond well enough to sexual stimulation, try using Levitra. Erection problems are effectively treated, including with the help of such drugs as Levitra.

If you want to buy Levitra in Singapore and improve your erectile function, there’s nothing easier. This drug is very popular in Singapore, due to which it is sold in many pharmacies.

Levitra belongs to the group of drugs, known as PDE-5 inhibitors. Just like other drugs of this type, Levitra launches a complex chain of biochemical reactions in the body:

  • The effect of endogenous nitric oxide in cavernous bodies increases.
  • The level of cGMP increases, which relaxes the muscles of the male sexual organ.
  • The blood flow to the penis increases.

As a result of the therapeutic effect of Levitra, man achieves a stable and prolonged erection. Performance in the bedroom and satisfaction with sexual intercourse increase.

Levitra works no worse and no better than other PDE-5 inhibitors. However, Levitra causes an erection faster, than similar drugs (for example, Viagra) and this is an important advantage. The difference in the time of the action onset of the drugs is small, yet it still exists.

The possibility of using different dosage forms is another advantage of Levitra. In Singapore pharmacies, you can find:

  • Tablets covered with a film coating.
  • Orodispersible tablets.

Levitra 5mg, 10mg and 20mg film-coated tablets are available in the Singapore market for a long time and are well known to many men. The tablets came on sale after the approval of the Health Science Authority (June 2003).

Levitra tablets are taken orally with a small amount of water. At the beginning of the erection problems treatment, 10 mg tablets are used. Depending on the individual tolerability and response of the patient, the dose increases to 20 mg or decreases to 5 mg.

The Health Science Authority approved the orodispersible tablets in January 2012. The appearance of the new dosage form has increased the popularity of Levitra in Singapore.

The popularity of the orodispersible Levitra tablets is explained by two important advantages.

Unlike conventional tablets, orodispersible tablets:

  • Are taken without water.
  • Begin to be absorbed in the oral cavity.

Due to the fact that the tablets dissolve on the tongue, the active substance Vardenafil that they contain quickly enters the bloodstream. Local absorption in the oral cavity and rapid absorption in the gastrointestinal tract can reduce the time, required to achieve an erection.

Orodispersible Levitra tablets are not recommended to be washed down with water. If the drug is washed with water:

  • The time to reach the maximum concentration of the active substance Vardenafil in blood plasma (Cmax) will remain low.
  • The time, at which Cmax is observed, will decrease.

If any dosage forms of Levitra are taken after a plentiful meal, Cmax increases. If the drug is taken on an empty stomach, an erection can be achieved within 15 minutes (not in all men).

During the period of Levitra use, it is recommended to completely refuse or minimize alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption can reduce blood flow in the cavernous bodies of the male sexual organ and decrease the efficacy of Levitra.

The Singapore’s Health Science Authority has studied the benefits of Levitra for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, as well as the risks, associated with the use of this drug. According to the results of premarket trials, it was found that:

  • Side effects usually have been mild and transient.
  • Serious adverse reactions occur very rarely.

Headache is the only very common side effect of Levitra. The list of other side effects, including the rarest, includes photosensitivity reaction, chest pain, a decrease or increase in blood pressure, tinnitus, epistaxis and dizziness.

Adverse reactions do not replace the main action of Levitra (Vardenafil). They may occur before, during, or after sexual activity. Negative response to the drug:

  • Occurs after a single dose or prolonged administration of the drug.
  • Can be sudden or evolve over time.

Many rare side effects (e.g., ventricular arrhythmia) have been determined by the results of the post-marketing research. If you bought Levitra tablets in Singapore, do not throw away the package insert. It can contain the phone number of the Health Science Authority, via which you can call and report on side effects.

Side effects usually occur at the beginning of erection problems treatment, disappear spontaneously, as treatment continues, or when the single dose is reduced. If adverse Levitra reactions are prolonged or bothersome, you should consult a doctor or pharmacist.

It should be noted that Levitra is the only Vardenafil-containing drug, approved by the Health Science Authority. Therefore, the Singapore pharmacies do not sell Levitra generics at present.

In other countries of the world, for example, in the USA, Levitra generics are approved. As a rule, generics are cheaper than the branded drug. The use of generic drugs can help you save on the treatment of the erectile dysfunction.

If you want to find Levitra in Singapore at a low price, you can call the nearest pharmacies and find out the price of the drug. This will help you save a little. As a rule, large pharmacy chains offer Levitra tablets at a lower price, than small pharmacies do.

If you want to significantly reduce treatment costs for difficulties with erection, you can buy generic Levitra online. In Singapore, you can order inexpensive Vardenafil-containing medications with home delivery.

Online pharmacies offer lower prices for Levitra or Vardenafil-containing drugs, than the conventional pharmacies do. However, the delivery of the drug is paid (usually). Therefore, before you place an order for generic Levitra online, you can choose a pharmacy that offers the best delivery conditions.