Buy Panbesy pills 30 mg Singapore


Panbesy is one of the most popular and purchased drugs for obesity, which are delivered to Singapore market. Pharmacies in Singapore sell Panbesy in capsule form. Panbesy capsules contain 15 mg or 30 mg of the active ingredient Phentermine in the form of Hydrochloride (HCl).

Panbesy is the drug of choice for the anti-obesity pharmacotherapy. It is prescribed for a limited weight loss course, and is used for no more than 12 weeks. In Singapore, Panbesy is bought by patients with:

  • Obesity (BMI above 30 kg/m2), or
  • Overweight (BMI above 27 kg/m2) in the presence of such comorbid conditions, as diabetes, hypertension or dyslipidemia.

Panbesy is one of the most effective anorectics. The action of Panbesy is aimed at the reduction of the patient’s body weight by suppressing hunger and preventing overeating.

Panbesy is a CNS stimulant that acts on the satiety center in the brain. Thus, Panbesy helps to effectively control the patient’s appetite until the capsule action ends.

The duration of the maximum anorexic effect of Panbesy is approximately 6 hours. After oral administration, the capsules quickly dissolve in the stomach, and the peak concentration of Panbesy in the blood plasma is reached in about 3 hours.

To make the anti-obesity treatment the most effective and safe, an adequate dose of Panbesy should be selected individually for each obese patient.

The initial dose of Panbesy is 30 mg, used once a day. If 30 mg of Panbesy causes adverse reactions, this dose can be reduced by half to 15 mg per day. It is preferable to take Panbesy capsules in the morning, about 160 minutes before or after a meal.

Panbesy can cause insomnia, so it is recommended to take it no earlier than 6 hours before the alleged bedtime. The list of other common Panbesy adverse reactions includes:

  • constipation
  • mood swings
  • severe dry mouth
  • cardiopalmus
  • increase in blood pressure

Panbesy is an amphetamine derivative, and possesses the same dependence potential. For this reason, Panbesy is not recommended for a long-term treatment. The use of Panbesy is contraindicated in patients with a history of drug dependence.

Other contraindications to Panbesy include pregnancy, the history of mental or cardiovascular diseases (depressive disorder, hyperthyroidism, stroke or severe hypertension), glaucoma, the use of drugs from the MAO inhibitor group.

When Panbesy is used concomitantly with MAO inhibitors, the risk of drug interaction significantly increases, which can cause a sharp increase in blood pressure.

To avoid hypertension, it is recommended to start using Panbesy not earlier than two weeks after the completion of a treatment course with such medications, as:

  • Zelapar (Selegiline)
  • Nardil (Phenelzine)
  • Marplan (Isocarboxazid)
  • Parnate (Tranylcypromine)

Panbesy stimulates an increase in the level of certain hormones, and can interact with serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). To reduce the risk of drowsiness or sudden mood changes, do not take Panbesy along with Proctin (Fluoxetine) or Setrof (Sertraline).

To find out more information about the effectiveness and safety of this anorectic, consult a pharmacist while purchasing Panbesy at a pharmacy. Some online pharmacies provide an opportunity to ask your questions about Panbesy to a licensed health care provider before proceeding with the online purchase.

The results of several randomized trials on Panbesy prove that its effectiveness is higher than the placebo effect by about 5%. In three months of Panbesy use, approximately 60% of patients with a BMI above 30 kg/m2 lost an average of 5-15% of the initial weight.

To accelerate weight loss, Panbesy capsules are recommended to be taken in conjunction with a behavior correction program. In addition to Panbesy administration, this program includes weight management methods, such as a balanced diet and a moderate increase in daily activity.

Panbesy was approved for use and sale in the pharmaceutical market of Singapore on October 9, 1990. In the national Singapore registry of prescription drugs, two dosage strengths of Panbesy are registered under different numbers:

  • 30 mg – SIN05113P
  • 15 mg – SIN05315P

The Swiss pharmaceutical company Osmopharm has the right to manufacture Panbesy. Two European companies are engaged in the distribution and wholesale of Panbesy in Singapore: Eurodrug and Euro Asia Medico.

One Panbesy capsules weighs only 310 mg, and its size is about 1.75 cm. Each original capsule has a white transparent body. Depending on the dosage strength, Panbesy capsules have some peculiarities, including:

  • 15 mg – with a red cap a marking “P 15”
  • 30 mg – blue cap with a marking “P 30”

Panbesy is sold in bottles that contain 200 original capsules. To buy Panbesy capsules in the pharmacy network, you need to have a prescription for this medicine. However, some online pharmacies offer Singaporeans the opportunity to order Panbesy without a prescription.

In addition, online pharmacies can order free delivery of Panbesy directly to the door of the house or office. To save on buying Panbesy, you can use discount cards.

Phentermine HCl under the Panbesy brand is sold in Singapore and Hong Kong. Residents of other countries (including the EU countries) can order Panbesy in online pharmacies. In the US, you can buy a popular Panbesy generic, which is released under the brand Adipex.

Obese patients, who want to manage their appetite effectively throughout the day, can buy Duromine as an alternative to Panbesy. Unlike Panbesy, it contains Phentermine resin, which helps to gradually release the drug and maintain its concentration.