Buy topical Spironolactone Singapore


To treat cardiovascular diseases, an effective potassium-sparing diuretic, such as Spironolactone, is required. The Singapore Cardiac Society recommends buying and using Spironolactone for the treatment of primary hyperaldosteronism, edematous syndromes in patients with congestive heart failure, cirrhosis, nephrotic syndrome, and essential hypertension.

Spironolactone is a drug from the group of aldosterone antagonists – the hormone of the adrenal cortex. High concentrations of aldosterone contribute to high blood pressure, the progression of hypokalemia and other negative consequences for the body.

Due to the blockade of aldosterone production, Spironolactone promotes diuresis and:

  • decrease in acidity of urine
  • reduction of potassium ions excretion
  • increase in the excretion of sodium ions

Persistent diuretic effect is achieved in 2-5 days after the beginning of cardiovascular pathologies therapy with Spironolactone. Intensification of diuresis under the influence of Spironolactone causes a non-permanent antihypertensive effect.

After oral administration, Spironolactone is well and completely absorbed. The intake of fatty and high-calorie foods increases the degree of the drug absorption. Maximum plasma concentrations are achieved in 2-4 hours after the oral administration.

Spironolactone is characterized by a biphasic excretion profile from the body. The primary half-life is 12 hours. The second phase of elimination occurs within 12-96 hours.

Each Spironolactone tablet can contain 25 mg or 100 mg of the active substance. In best pharmacies of Singapore, patients can get Spironolactone only by the medical prescription of a cardiologist. Those who do not have a prescription can buy Spironolactone online.

Depending on the clinical indications, the dosage of Spironolactone is:

  • for the normalization of blood pressure: 50-100 mg per day once with the possibility of the dose increase to 200 mg per day;
  • for the treatment of ascites and congestive heart failure with or without edema: 100 mg per day once, with the possibility of a gradual dose increase to 400 mg per day.

According to the National Heart Center Singapore (NHCS), Spironolactone is used in a standard diagnostic procedure to establish and confirm the diagnosis of hyperaldosteronism. If the potassium level in the blood rises with the use of the diuretic, and decreases after the drug is discontinued, it can be assumed that the patient has primary hyperaldosteronism.

There are two ways to use Spironolactone to prove the presence/absence of hyperaldosteronism:

  • short-term diagnostic test: 400 mg daily in several intakes for 4 days;
  • long-term diagnostic test: 400 mg daily in several intakes for 20-30 days.

Normalization of blood pressure and potassium level in the blood can be considered the basis for the diagnosis of “primary hyperaldosteronism”.

Surgical intervention is the main treatment method for hyperaldosteronism. Spironolactone, however, can be used in preoperative therapy of the disease. The daily dose of the diuretic can be 100-400 mg, divided into 1-4 intakes. Spironolactone should be taken during the entire period of preparation for surgery.

Of all the diuretics that are used in cardiology practice in Singapore, only Spironolactone has the following benefits:

  • does not impair renal function in prolonged use;
  • normalizes not only blood pressure, but also the blood cholesterol level;
  • contributes to the achievement of the antihypertensive effect regardless of the age and sex of patients, the use of concomitant drugs, the level of creatinine or potassium in the blood.

As the results of clinical trials have shown, Spironolactone causes a more pronounced decrease in blood pressure, than other diuretics (Bisoprolol, Doxazosin) do. Specialists in the field of cardiovascular diseases treatment consider Spironolactone a drug of choice in the treatment of resistant hypertension.

Spironolactone is able to prevent or slow down the processes of myocardial remodeling and is an effective tool in the prevention of repeated paroxysms of atrial fibrillation.

Currently, health professionals discuss the clinical perspectives of Spironolactone use not only in cardiac practice. Diuretic not only inhibits the synthesis of aldosterone, but also binds to androgenic, progesterone and, to a smaller extent, glucocorticoid receptors.

The antiandrogenic and progestogenic effects of Spironolactone make it a promising tool for the treatment of acne, androgenic alopecia or infertility. Therefore, it is possible that in the patients will buy Spironolactone near future to use it for the treatment of hormone dependent diseases.

At present, however, according to clinical experts from Hormone Treatment Clinics in Singapore, Spironolactone still does not possess a sufficient clinical evidence for safety and efficacy in the use of androgen and progestogen-dependent conditions.

Despite the fact that the history of Spironolactone use in the therapy of cardiovascular diseases has been around for about 60 years, it was not the first potassium-sparing diuretic. The results of the first successful use of drugs in the treatment of edema were published in 1960. Until the early 1990’s, Spironolactone was used exclusively for the treatment of edema syndrome.

The results of major clinical studies that were held in the early 1990s convincingly proved the usefulness of Spironolactone use not only in anti-edema therapy. Diuretic has become widely used in clinical practice for the treatment of congestive heart failure, ascites and primary aldosteronism.

The pharmaceutical company Medochemie obtained a marketing authorization for the sale of Spironolactone in Singapore on May 3, 1988. The Singaporean suppliers of diuretic also include Pfizer and Goldplus Universal.

Trademarks of Spironolactone in Singapore are such drugs, as Aldactone, Uractonum, and Spirolon. However, the cost of drugs can be quite high in conventional pharmacies. People with limited financial possibilities can be recommended to buy cheap Spironolactone in online pharmacies.